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Add:Jiedong County Economic Development Zone, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, China


Founded in 2000, Guangdong Hongan Food Co。, Ltd。 is a comprehensive processing enterprise integrating storage, fresh-keeping, IQF processing and cold storage of agricultural products。 It is located in Jiedong economic development zone which is one of the best ten economic development zones in China。

We are the Key Agricultural Enterprise in Guangdong Province. We Have large non-pollution sweet corn planting base, bamboo shoot base and escargot breeding base, to ensure the supply of raw materials, the quality and price stability.

The company has a group of experienced management personnel, and has established a sound food safety management system。We have formulated unifiedmanagement measures to develop a raw material cultivation,acceptance and traceability from the origin of the planting of the base。 In the process of production,we strictly implement the HACCP international food standard control systemand established advanced food quality and safety inspection system, to ensure the quality and safety of the whole supply chain from raw material cultivation, breeding, production, processing, storage, transportation to the terminal sales, and we have established a global strategic partnership

with large food and beverage groups . 

The companie always follow the "integrity-based, quality first, customer supreme"as our business philosophy. We will, as always,provide quality products and perfect servicefor the vast number of our consumers.


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